Since 2003 we’ve been on a journey through many changes and developments that have made NetSuite into the rich functional product it is today. It’s never been dull, always been challenging and it’s made us into the business people we are today.

NetLedger Inc. formed

NetLedger formed by ex-Oracle technical guru Evan Goldberg.

NetLedger changes name to NetSuite

Changing the product and company name to NetSuite reflecting that the product is not just for accounting but also inventory, ecommerce and customer relationship management

NetSuite launches in Australia

In 2003 Net Return launches NetSuite in Australia in a distribution agreement with NetSuite. Don McLean is Sales Director of Net Return. Craig Traub first consultant based in Melbourne..

Onlineone started

Craig & Don start onlineone to deliver technical and consulting services and develop IP around NetSuite selling into the Australian & New Zealand markets

Onlineone founders sell the business to Fronde

Onlineone founders sell the company to Fronde and become a business unit of the the Fronde Group


Don McLean and Craig Traub found onlineone after 5 years working with NetSuite.


Don McLean and Craig Traub found onlineone after 5 years working with NetSuite.

Fronde’s NetSuite Business Unit wins NetSuite APAC Partner of the year

Based on new business sales and customer service Fronde win the Asia Pacific Partner of the year at NetSuite’s annual SuiteWorld event in San Jose

Fronde’s NetSuite Business Unit wins NetSuite APAC award again

For the second time in as many years Fronde wins the title of NetSuite APAC Partner of the year.

Oracle acquires NetSuite

Oracle Corporation acquires NetSuite for $9.6bn in cash and creates a separate business unit for NetSuite

Onlineone founders acquire Fronde’s NetSuite assets

Craig Traub & Don McLean acquire the NetSuite assets of the Fronde business from Fronde as a Management Buy Out

The Future

We believe in NetSuite and what it will do for your business in the future in terms of productivity and your success!

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