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A stronger customer relationship delivers a stronger NetSuite performance...

VERIDAPT is a market-leading digital solutions business, providing innovative hardware, software, insights and services designed to improve business performance and savings in the mining and rail industries. VERIDAPT is excited to innovate and has recently developed a real-time monitoring platform for banks and institutions investing in energy, agriculture and metals. With over 15 years experience monitoring and controlling $4 billion of inventory annually, VERIDAPT recognised that in order to remain a market leader they must utilise a modern platform with a true single point of truth within their own organisation. That's why in 2016, they migrated from a legacy ERP (MYOB Enterprise) onto NetSuite.

“NetSuite has saved my team easily 3-4 days a month”

The benefits of NetSuite functionality have been exceptionally well adopted by the team at VERIDAPT. Some key highlights include:

●  Efficient revenue recognition

●  Timely profit and loss reporting

● 20% increase in productivity in the Finance team

Mandy Templeton, Head of Finance and Business Optimisation at VERIDAPT:

“The team don’t have to wait for finance to complete Profit and Loss reports... It has saved my team easily 3-4 days a month”.

Additionally, all users found the simple but efficient features - such as the ability to access every record within the business using NetSuite’s global search - made instant impacts on day to day time savings. The power of a fully utilised NetSuite system was clear to the team, with Mandy in particular remaining “an incredibly strong advocate of NetSuite because of its potential”.

To an organisation that prides itself on providing accurate data and expertise to its customers, it was clear to VERIDAPT that the full potential of NetSuite had not been reached within the business The solution to this concern lay in the adoption of onlineone’s Success Management program. The flexibility of this program has significantly improved the working relationship already established between onlineone and VERIDAPT.

“NetSuite gives us consistency so we can plan with confidence”

The Success Management program has the primary goal of optimising and using NetSuite to realise success in the eyes of the customer. By taking a proactive approach the partnership between onlineone and VERIDAPT delivers more value from the NetSuite Platform. It encompasses a range of services and outcomes that enables VERIDAPT to very effectively budget and consume services with no surprises. A dedicated onlineone Success Manager ensures VERIDAPT gets the best service outcome within the program budget.

For VERIDAPT, having a dedicated onlineone team member focused on achieving value for the business through its use of NetSuite, was a complete game-changer. “We have consistency and we have a plan” says Mandy, whose confidence in onlineone and advocacy for NetSuite has only increased since the implementation of Success Management - “We know what we want to do and what we want to achieve”. VERIDAPT have been able to focus on their end goals rather than using an ad-hoc reactive approach, and there has been significantly more engagement around utilising NetSuite out-of-the-box tools that are already being paid for, such as the NetSuite CRM functionality.

Ultimately, the onlineone Success Management program has allowed VERIDAPT to truly explore the full capability of NetSuite and remain as agile as possible for the future. By having a dedicated Customer Success Manager at onlineone, VERIDAPT is able to keep their focus on delivering to their customers. Whilst VERIDAPT continues to drive productivity, savings and security for commodity supply chains, onlineone ensures they are harnessing the full potential of NetSuite.

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