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NetSuite Integration

We’re ever so slightly biased :-) but we do believe NetSuite is undoubtedly the best Cloud ERP system in the world, with a richness and longevity that beats the rest. That said, any ERP system cannot do everything for every business and so additional software applications are a necessity. Integrating them with your core NetSuite system can make the difference and provide you with that total business application that meets all your need. But much as this make sense it also introduces a problem as to how to integrate that data and make sure it… works.

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Integrating other applications with NetSuite enrich your business and provide a total solution that just may give you the competitive advantage you need. Integration comes in many ways so consider what you’re looking for first before approaching any integration specialist:

Ask yourself:
  • Do i need data always to be reflected and live. And if so hourly, daily, weekly or monthly
  • Could i just re-enter data manually or do I need it to happen automatically
  • If automatically do I need to integrate many systems to each other or just one-to-one
  • Considering NetSuite integration do I want to do this using web services (very technical, one-off cost) or do I want to use an integration app (less technical but an annual fee)

We can provide various integration services and have a rich pedigree of understanding integration requirements and a deep history across many projects. We can advise the best way of going about your project. That may mean we don’t get involved as we’d much rather you succeed with the best outcome than just get a sale.

For example we only support Jitterbit as a 3rd party integration software app. Why? Because having evaluated all of the different apps we chose this based on our ability to make it work, the standard of support we get from Jitterbit and how they work with us and how the way we do business is similar to their culture. It just works.

We can do and have done direct integration of other apps to NetSuite using web services or what NetSuite refers to as SuiteTalk. Whether SOAP or JSON based web services (Jargon alert) we can cope with either and have a history of successful projects for clients like Telstra and Carsales.

The first thing to do is to talk with us. We’ll give you a refreshingly open and honest answer to what we can achieve, and if we can't do what you’re looking for undoubtedly we will know someone who can. Give us a call or register your interest and we’ll be in touch.

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