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NetSuite Support

Your NetSuite support should be sourced from an organisation that understands what you need based on your situation and can flex in the future too.
  • Start by determining whether you want to source your support from in-house expertise or have it done externally
  • Determine whether you’d contract or employ a person or an organisation to help
  • Suss out what budget would be appropriate
  • Determine what the goals are for your post-implementation use of NetSuite
  • Would you prefer a local Australian based organisation, an overseas one or a hybrid between the two
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There are various ways we can assist you with your NetSuite support. From basic services that help you based on what you want to do. Our services range from deep technical and functional expertise to assistance in helping your run the basics of your NetSuite system. Either way we have support methodology that suits what you want to do.

Support Hours.

Buy hours in advance of using them and use them for whatever you see fit. The more you buy in advance the more cost-effective it gets.

Success Services.

Our most popular service package is one purchased on a monthly basis, contracted annually, the comprises services focused on you getting success from your NetSuite system.


A service used after go-live to intensely support your in a major change to your business systems.


Let our dedicated Customer Success team guide you through the process of optimising your use of NetSuite and helping your system work for you.And help you select what package works best for you. Contact us today.

Customer Success & Support Services

Ad-hoc Pay As You Go support though to full managed services, including "Hypercare" services for early post implementation phase

Getting the most out of the features you have paid for

Helping you work out the order of magnitude for any changes/enhancements you are considering

A sounding board for viability of NetSuite functionality & modules

A point of escalation to help around conversations with NetSuite directly

Dedicated support team

Stay up to date and aligned with new release features

If you use NetSuite, we'd love to work with you no matter who did your original implementation, and welcome you to join the onlineone family!

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