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NetSuite Success

Success of your NetSuite project is what matters
  • Go for an organisation that doesn't silo sales, delivery & support
  • Partner with someone who shares your definition of success
  • Measure the outcomes throughout the process and at the end
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Define Success, NetSuite Success

One of the key differences to doing business with onlineone is we strive for your success as our customer from the first engagement. This difference is a reflection of the onlineone way of helping our customers flourish in that we see our business as helping you buy rather than selling you on a solution.

It may not seem much of a difference but it really is. It's a world away from separate processes run by separate departments in sales, delivery and support with separate objectives: get you to buy, get you to a “live” system as soons as possible, then kick you to a support organisation to answer any further queries or problems. All of these are focused on the selling organisation rather on you the buyer and your problems, opportunities and ultimately your successful project.

Experience matters

We have been assisting people to buy ERP for over 20 years and in that time we have learnt a lot, and have also a lot more experience in observing how people buy. On average we’ve been involved in around 20 per year as well as being involved in half that amount of organisations who bought from someone else and used us for support. In our NetSuite lifetime that’s over 600 organisations we’ve interacted with in their buying process.

We also observe that even with all the information available via a google search, the process of buying can be daunting, and add in the complexity of adopting or replacing an accounting/ERP system and that’s not easy.

Outcomes measured

We have refined our approach : Success is defined as you reaching the project business outcomes that caused you to look at the NetSuite - or alternative ERP application - project in the first place.

So beginning with the end in mind means we can more helpfully align to support your goals, and in our experience being straightforward in our focus on your needs means a successful project is more likely - after all that’s what we both want. And if you’re successful then you’re more likely to recommend us or help us in being a reference in our next buying process for another organisation

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