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When you need an alternative view to get you back on track

  • Go for experience first. Someone who has been there & helped people like you multiple times
  • Then get your selected partner to give a no-obligation initial assessment
  • Check with references that have gone through a similar process to see how they felt
  • Use both the partner advice and the referenced customers view to determine what works best for you
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We believe you have already made the correct choice in NetSuite but perhaps you’re not getting the best out of the platform and you want a second opinion. We’ve done this for many organisations over the years and have a tried and trusted method of going about getting you back on track.

Sometimes despite all the planning and the best of intentions your NetSuite implementation hasn’t gone quite as well as you’d thought. There may be a myriad of reasons for this however those reasons don’t really matter as what you need now is a way forward and a plan. We can help you with this.

The purpose of our business is to help businesses achieve more from NetSuite.. Our philosophy is to start with understanding your business objectives and despite the failure of the original implementation this is no different. The following process is what we’d do to get your project back on track and get you the business benefits envisaged in the first place.

Obligation Free Discussion

On initial contact we’ll sit down with you (may be via video) to understand a bit of background and where your problems lie. We’d then agree what the next steps generally look like but also determine how and why you think your NetSuite project got to this state. We’d then involve one of our consultants to give you a view of how we would approach your particular project.

Platform review

We’d first do a review of what and where your problems lie. We need to understand what the initial objectives of the project were and how you got to where you are now. We would also look at the system itself to see if there are any major obstacles to fixing it. As the final part of the review process we would return with a document comprising a set of recommendations split into:

  • Get Well Plan - recommend where we can get some quick wins to restore your faith in the system
  • Get Better Plan - follow on to recommend some harder work that will really change the business and processes for the better
  • Get Fitter Plan - finally recommendations of what should happen after the first two are complete and what this will look like.

After the Get Well plan has been completed, we would invite you to join one of  our customer service plans.. This entails a set of services and outcomes that make it easy for you to budget and consume services from onlineone without any surprises. The number one outcome would be your success using the system.

We have three different support mechanisms that may be appropriate, you can learn more on our support page.

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