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In life, there are a lot of firsts. Your first job. Your first car. Your first computer. Somehow, all these firsts are scary but also exciting! New opportunities, experiences. New worlds open up especially when these firsts are technology related.

For me, when I joined OnlineOne as Account Manager – and soon this position expanded to cover all kinds of tasks outside of the usual Account Manager related tasks – there were a whole lotta firsts, let me tell you!

Using a MacBook! Three weeks of Apple related headaches, of not knowing where documents were disappearing to, how to Apple_first_logoclose a page that was full screen, how to turn off the annoying start-up sound…then navigating through this new thing called NetSuite!

Yes, the Apple headaches did subside and just as Shane, our web and e-commerce guru, let me know and predicted, I did¬†become a…well, I hate to say it – a fan. Yes there it is. Sooner or later, the pomaceous fruit will get you. Next time you’re forced to use windows, you’ll feel like you’ve got both your arms in casts, strapped into a¬†wheelchair with rusty bearings and needing to go down a long flight of stairs to get to the bathroom after a night of too much indian food. Then you will have to face the pros and cons of umbrella companies and introduce new acronyms, such as PAYE and NICs, into your vocabulary.

But I digress.

After the initial 3 week adjusting period, there I was creating quotes and sales orders for products I didn’t know about, emailed out to customers of ours I didn’t know, delivered consistently within timelines that I was unaware of, after countless hours, unbeknownst to me, by colleagues and clients working away towards products and integrations for the sales orders and quotes I was sending out.

In other words, I was completing tasks someone would otherwise need several months of training for, within 3 weeks of beginning to work on a new operating system, using new software, working for a company I didn’t know very well! Might I add, this was probably the first time I’ve ever sent out a sales order or quote of any sort. NetSuite was making me a superhuman office…person.

Two or three weeks more, there I was calculating complex sales projections for OnlineOne, creating reports, calculating campaign results, trying to figure out what is block chain technology, reading communication history to specific customers going back to an individual email sent 5 years ago, with a specific quote for a product that no longer exists. All this, without needing to beg for folders or Word/Excel files, or reports from manager so and so and technician this or that.

Try getting a month old/new employee to find an email you sent 5 years ago but cannot remember the contents of, without giving them access to your email account or having them pester you with a million questions – in less than 5 minutes! That to me, is NetSuite.

Given enough access (a simple click from a list by the boss if he chooses), I can find out anything I could possibly need to know to do my job as quickly as possible without annoying my boss with issues and problems that, quite frankly he shouldn’t have to waste his time on! In fact, most of the time, my brain takes longer to work out what I need to do, to get the answers I need, than it does to access those answers from NetSuite!

This, in addition to the products and integration from OnlineOne (the list is always growing), scr-financials-financial-mgtallows me to seamlessly and autonomously do my job as Account Manager, Sales Rep, Social Media Manager, Accountant, Secretary, Sales Manager – or whatever position my boss needs me to be, be it temporary or permanent, to keep OnlineOne working at the amazing pace that it does!

The only downside is that the other five employees, who would’ve otherwise been needed to do what I do, if our business system had been lesser, are probably still looking for the awesome job that I have!

That, ladies and gentlemen, from my simple perspective, is why.

Post by Fabian – Account Manager (most of the time) at OnlineOne

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