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We just recently implemented echoSign into our sales and delivery process and reduced our ‘time to sign by approximately 60%’.

EchoSign ( is system that allows you to pre-sign documents electronically and then distribute them via email for esignature. Your client reviews the document and then elecronically signs it. The document is stored and archived by echoSign and given an encrypted tracking number ensuring that the document is the equivalent of a legal document. If your client prefers they can print out the doc and sign and fax it back, the fax return number will scan and store the document into echoSign’s vault. At each stage you’re kept informed as to the progress and what documents need to be actioned. It’s really great when you’re managing multiple opportunities and associated contracts and agreements.

Our sales process involves either having clients sign our quotes, terms and conditions and/or a statement of work for our professional service engagements. Prior to using echoSign this all had to be done using faxes, scanners, printers and the delay and convenience really slowed the wholeprocess down. Now there is no printing or faxing involved and we get responses to signed documents quickly and efficiently. Plus all the documents are archived for us and we can access them really easily if required.

We also installed the Google Apps connection and can therefore use any document we create here, automatically send it to echoSign, add the “for signature box” and email it out. Easy. Fast. Time saving.

There is also an integration to NetSuite so you can process quotes orders etc very easily and seamlessly.

Have a read about it and see if it would suit your business. Feel free to ask any questions and we’ll see if we can help.

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