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Some silly questions for you ….

  • Why would you increase the overheads in your business?
  • Why would you invest your heard earned cash in capital equipment that depreciates instantly?
  • Why make things more difficult?

Silly right? Because answering “yes” to any them doesn’t really make sense when related to computers and IT infrastructure. But perhaps the last question is the one that actually costs more than the other two. That is, increasing the hassle factor in your business, adding more complexity not reducing it. And by adopting Cloud based solutions you don’t need to have the costs of any of these.

Our new measure for what you’d save by moving to Cloud Computing is Reduction in Hassle (RIH). It’s like measuring Return on Investment but without having any capital investment. It means getting more from your business applications whilst simultaneously reducing the amount of time and money you spend. So the Reduction in Hassle equates very quickly to a reduction in costs and over time an improvement in productivity.

Consider some of the hassles you may encounter on a daily basis:

  • My employees want to connect all their smartphones and they are all different
  • We need to access company data anywhere but i want this to be secure
  • My IT guy says I need to upgrade my servers, and buy new software
  • Last night do I really know if the servers in the office were backed up?
  • How can I give my customers a better online service? juts like the one my competitors are offering them?
  • I have no idea what my sales forecast is and what impact that’ll have on cash over the next 3 months

In essence, Reduction in Hassle means addressing two items:

  • Reduce your IT infrastructure costs by moving it all to the cloud
  • Improve your business processes by automating as much as you can using data that is easy to access and manipulate

Our job at Online One is to help you do this. We’ve done this for many businesses over the years and we can help you too. So the equation looks a bit like:

Reduction in Hassle = (Cloud Computing + Process Automation) * Online One Services.

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