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Over the years we are always asked the question by prospective customers “What should I be looking for in a NetSuite Partner to help implement NetSuite?”.

You’ve got to be sure that the pedigree of the partner will help your business. It’s a big enough step choosing to go with a new ERP implementation without putting the whole project at risk through inexperience. Plus your choice of partner is highly likely to be the one you work with over the next three, five or seven years.

Here are some of the questions we think you should be asking :

  • How much experience have they got specifically in implementing NetSuite?
  • Are they a Solution Partner or SuiteCloud Developer Partner?
  • Have they implemented a similar kind of business to yours?
  • Can they provide references of companies they have worked with to implement NetSuite?
  • Do they provide local on-site support or is it all online?
  • What is the ongoing service offering provided after the implementation is complete?

By asking these questions you’ll be able to assess the best partner for you.

And remember the cheapest price is not always the best price. It is more about being cost-effective!

Good luck!

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