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One aspect of ecommerce that is kind of forgotten in my opinion is that of financial management. Whilst the look and feel of your webstore and how it is ranked within search engines is very important lots of CMS’s and webstore setups treat the actual management of sales and cash flow as something that kind of just happens. A bit like…well, yeah….just put the stuff into Quickbooks and forget about it. Hmmm…sounds easy but in practise it’s not quite what you’re looking for. Or, rather when you first start up it is manageable but when business starts to grown and re-entering or importing orders begins to become time consuming then it’s time to think again.

Jim McGeever, the COO of NetSuite, gives some great insights into this here.

Financial management is critical to ecommerce companies. But the tools to manage financial matters vary, and many of them don’t automatically integrate with a merchant’s ecommerce site, making the financial tracking and reporting process even more burdensome

A very interesting view into how NetSuite can help manage all of your ecommerce business.

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