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Although Online One is clearly in the IT industry we pride ourselves on being business focused rather than IT focused. Running our own business helps, but it’s also about having a team that has a lot of experience across different industries. Having over 25 years of experience in IT and Telecoms, I’ve seen the change in the hardware/software infrastructure for companies from mainframes to minicomputers, then client server and now into cloud computing. And, yes, I do remember life without the internet!

Each of these changes has brought about a lower cost to IT customers and greater availability of computer power to end users. However I think it’s only with the advent of cloud computing that this change has really given users more of what they want. That is removing all the hassles, reducing the costs, allowing payments in a more flexible manner and most importantly having no lock in terms where they are stuck in a contract for 3-5 years. But for us this is only one part of the equation.

Via Ben Kepes twitter feed (@benkepes) and with the consequent Mark Thiel’s blogpost he recommended here it seems we are not alone in these thoughts.

Cloud gives a great cost reduction and Reduction In Hassle (RIH as a new financial metric anyone?) but that’s only one part of the equation. The other part is the ability for organisations to improve their processes. This has always been the case – throughout the past 25 years – and is not reliant on the cloud computing infrastructure to deliver the benefits of automating processes and making life easier for all your customers, employees and suppliers. Sure, cloud takes away the hassle and makes it cheaper and also allows all these processes to be available online wherever you are.

So Cloud computing is another IT industry hype, but this time the hype is delivering greater cost benefits and better services with less lock-in than the past. And less hassle.

But that’s not all you want. You also want to improve your business processes.

So do both. That’s what we believe.

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