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Interesting statements abound from the Microsoft camp today. As reported in CRN today, Steve Balmer, Microsft’s CEO, stated that Microsoft is now a Cloud-Based company and that all their partners had better follow or be left behind:

“This is a scary move,” Ballmer said, acknowledging that cloud computing represents a marked change in business models for both Microsoft and solution providers. But he said: “If you don’t want to move to the cloud, then we’re not your company.”

“It’s a change that allows us all to deliver new business value,” said Ballmer.

It reminds me of the days in the late 90′s when Microsoft was all but left behind by NetScape and Bill Gates “bet the company” on the move into internet technology. Microsoft went on to create MSN (remember that?) and, of course, put Internet Explorer front and centre of everything they did. it also really started the Internet Browser wars. Whatever your view it certainly popularised the internet based on the Seattle based behemoth putting their weight behind it.

So will it be the case of history repeating itself?

Our view is that any endorsement by Microsoft means that the industry has shifted in this direction. So not sure if this vindicates what we’ve been doing but it certainly helps when the 600 pound gorilla says cloud computing is where it’s at.

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