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We’re delighted to announce the launch of FreightOne – the first cloud based distribution system. It supports over 200 Australian and New Zealand based freight companies so you can deliver via these couriers to your customers from inside NetSuite. Install FreightOne, allow us to connect to your freight carriers with your rates and then the rest is easy. Print out labels direct from NetSuite.

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This product has been years in the making and is a result of our close relationship with the guys at IFS SmartFreight. We use SmartFreight to power the solution so we’re not reinventing the wheel.Using their engine we can connect to almost every carrier in Australia including smaller regional carriers.

We also integrate the solution into NetSuite e-commerce. So you dont overcharge your customers or lose money undercharging them.

We’ve got lots of plans to expand the software into other areas so watch this space for more. Or if you use third party logistics check out LogisticsOne

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